Early modern period


Cellular pathology states that the cell itself is the origin of sickness, which contradicts common practice of humorism. Medical perspective shifts from a macroscopical to a microscopical viewpoint. With this new view and methods, becoming possible through modern physics and chemistry, diseases could be treated on a very different ground. This led to a decrease of conventional therapies, especially in europe and america. In Asia however, there was a coexistence of new and old therapies rather than pushing latter away.

Technical realization

Technical progress in the modern era are an extraordinary enrichment to cupping therapy. So far producing a vacuum was not really precise, unflexible and in case of fire even dangerously. Modern times introduced possibilites to tackle these problems. Already in 1915 there was a need of electrical cupping pumps. Besides that mechanical cupping devices had been invented following the principles of an air pump.


In dieser Epoche wurde seltener blutig und dagegen vermehrt trocken geschröpft. Hierbei liegt der Fokus weniger beim Ausleiten, als bei der Reflexzonentherapie. In this era bloody cupping was less used. Instead dry cupping got more attention, shifting the focus from diverting procedures to reflex zone therapy.