Modern era


While people in the western world are getting older, the need for holistic and naturopathic therapy forms is getting bigger. The task of medicine shifts more and more from a pure maintaining of life to a worthwhile life. Therefore cupping therapy, among other conventional therapy forms, returns back to western culture where it is actually at home.
This progress is faster in some areas compared to others. While cupping is mostly unknown in western conservative groups, the public becomes frequently aware of actors and athletes, having hematomas of cupping.

Technical realization

Conventional methods of producing a vacuum, such as fire or via mouth, have ceased to be used. While the risk of injury through mechanical pumps had been solved in modern early era, lack of flexibility and precision remained a problem to be solved in the modern era.
BlueCup solves these issues through new control technology together with an electircally driven vacuum pump. Negative pressure can be managed by the user comfortably, freely and precisely. Not only have the classical problems been solved but instead a whole new form of therapy has been created, called pulsating cupping therapy. Latter makes use of a constant vacuum being superimposed by pulses, thereby enabling a harmonical excitation of the tissue.
Regarding flexibility many new areas of application have been accomplished through new modern materials, like silicone. Knee joint cupping glasses make cupping on joints possible, which is unimaginable with bamboo oder regular glas. The epitome of flexibility with respect to cupping are our mats, which can be attached to various places on the body.


Cupping therapy is furthermore versatilely used but gains increasing popularity for muscular and fascial issues, occuring much more often than ever before due to people spending more time working in a sitting position. Further important areas of application are fascias and joints.